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Currently, the increasingly widespread use of bamboo. Bamboo poles as the material of construction buildings, decoration, furniture and more.

Bamboo is environmentally friendly materials, renewable. Bamboo possesses a strong, lightweight, and inexpensive. Bamboo has incredible speed of growth and new shoots grow. Despite continued growth, bamboo does not damage the soil. This makes bamboo to regenerate quickly. Bamboo mature in 3-5 years. produce big bamboo poles  with a diameter of  3 to 20 cm or   2 "to 8".

Big bamboo poles are manufactured using bamboo species in Indonesia, such as bamboo petung (9-20cm diameter), black bamboo (5-12cm), Apus Bamboo (natural bamboo) (3-9cm, Tutul bamboo (3-12cm) .

We cut the length of a standard size 180cm, 210cm, 240cm, 270cm. Other lengths can be made ​​to order, but the maximum length that can be achieved is 570cm (about 20 feet).
We assign grades based on size of the diameter of the bamboo, which is 3-5cm, 5-7cm, 7-9cm, 9-12cm, 12-15cm, 15-17cm and 17-20cm.

All manufactured bamboo poles and washed through the treatment process termites and mold prevention. As well has dried moisture level that meets the requirements.

Bamboo poles is used as a material to make a variety of bamboo products. such as, bamboo fence, bamboo fence panel, bamboo cane, bamboo furniture, bamboo gazebo, bamboo fence gate, garden bamboo fence, bamboo divider and others.

We also serve our fresh cut bamboo poles. Bamboo pole is only through the process of washing and cutting the size of the order.